The case of the reckless hedgehogs. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Mastrangelo Carlotta  edito da Narcissus.me, 2013

CAMELIA is a lively little girl who loves everything about NATURE. But because she lives in a city, she is not able to spend much time with plants and animals. And to make matters worse, Camelia’s mum is terribly allergic to anything that even resembles nature.
The STORIES FROM CAMELIA’S ALBUM tell us about the adventures of Camelia and her friends, who find themselves in all sorts of places and situations thanks to her extraordinary album. In fact, the book lights up if an animal is in difficulty, and when Camelia says a magic phrase it sends the little girl and her “team” –– a red panda, a goose, a sausage dog, two twin penguins and a cactus — on a mission to deal with the emergency.
Camelia is a seven-year-old girl with a charmingly innocent sense of magic and imagination. Faced with today’s alarming reports on the state of the planet, Camelia offers the optimistic perspective of a child who seeks solutions with an inventive flight of fancy.
In this first story, Camelia discovers the amazing power of her album and solves a very PRICKLY SITUATION.

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