Fairy Skin - an erotic fantasy tale. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Cherie Von Goth  edito da Narcissus.me, 2014

How do fairies make love?
“Fairy skin” is a romantic and erotic tale of the fantasy genre by the authoress Cherie E. S. Von Goth. It was written in March 2014 and it’s tagged with the keywords: “fairies, vajazzling, supernatural sex”. It is part of her © Erotheneum Project consisting in a collection of volume with her erotic stories gathered for subgenre, still in progress. This particular one is related to the volume “Passionate love in the fantasy world”, that it was developed following a strange “dream” of the writer. The plot of this tale is based on the love of a couple of supernatural beings, a fairy and her boyfriend.

Cherie Elisabeth Shirley Von Goth is a very young Italian-Swiss writer, who is specialized in the romantic and erotic genre which she wisely combines with other genres as: supernatural, urban fantasy, classic fantasy, science fiction, adventure, thriller and horror. She writes independent tales or gathered in collections, novels and life style texts. She loves drawing, especially clothing, indeed she is a fashion lover. She cares for a literary blog and she is active on the main social networks. Her eBooks are on sale in an extensive way through the editorial stores of the global large-scale retail trade.

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