Indian cuisine. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Dahlia & Marlène  edito da REI (Rifreddo), 2014

New Edition.

India is one of the most fascinating and magical in the world, is characterized, in fact, as a territory extraordinarily rich mixtures of religions and traditions, mixture that is found and is in the kitchen, with special dishes and totally unique their kind, definitely unmistakable flavor, Indian tables during meals, are laden with numerous courses that do not follow our order of presentation, but are placed on the table and everyone can freely choose which to use. Particular relevance in Indian cuisine is covered by rice and bread, which are prepared in many different types and dishes, rice can indeed stand as accompaniments to main dishes, and then be boiled, but also added to the dishes of meat, fish, vegetables and nuts, absolutely excellent are then different types of bread that are present on the boards in India, we speak of buns and tortillas that well matched with various sauces, butter and cottage cheese.

Recipes on the volume:

Alu Ki Tikki
Amm Ki Chutney
Coconut Barfi
Biriani mint and walnuts
Lamb biryani
Vegetable Biryani
Curry Shrimp
Indian curry fish
Curry Tinda
Dum Alu
Fruit Fried Sesame
Gulab Jamun
Kashmir Kebab
Korma lamb
Masala fish - Grilled fish at Indiana
Mysore pak
Naan buckwheat and cumin
Naan soybean meal with nigella
Potatoes with Indian spices
Fish with Yogurt
Chicken Curry
Spicy chicken with mustard
Tandoori chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
Raita Onion
Rice with Shrimp
rice Pilaf
Rogan Josh Lamb
Saag Lamb
Tandoori salmon
Hot sauce of onions
Hot sauce of apples and mango
Samosa with yogurt
Vegetable Samosa
Shami kabab
urad Dal
Lamb Soup with Rice and Coconut
Sweet corn and chick

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