Thai cuisine. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Dahlia & Marlène  edito da REI (Rifreddo), 2014

New Edition.

The Thai cuisine is characterized by its flavors and its extraordinary variety of ingredients, which make it look like one of the most interesting and fascinating of Asian culture.
It is a cuisine that in some ways is closer to Western culture, is presented as a cuisine that deeply loves mixing different flavors, to give rise to dishes absolutely wonderful and unforgettable; as Thai cuisine is elegant and refined, the presentation of the dishes on the tables, not done precisely, following a predetermined order, but all dishes are served at the same time and diners have a choice of what food to use first.
We list below some of the recipes given in this volume:
Curry pumpkin and carrot
Thai green curry
Sweet rice with pineapple
Fish fillets lime and ginger
prawn Satay
Papaya salad
Rolls with Thai noodle
Salted pork with mushrooms and ginger
Mango syrup grass lemon verbena
Beef Chiang Mai
Noodles pesto shrimps with peanuts
Noodle with Curry
Noodles with swordfish and almonds
pad Thai
Chicken with Cashews
Tamarind chicken with mushrooms
glazed chicken
Salmon patties
Pineapple rice and shrimps
Satay beef in peanut sauce
Galangal Soup

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