A Shadow On Merrimack River. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Alibrandi Daniela  edito da youcanprint, 2013

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A year in the United States, a fantastic opportunity to forget the events of the past. Then Diana will return to Rome, but if the experiment of life in New Hampshire will be a positive experience, she will be able to return to live in Manchester. And Diana strongly hopes to come back. In an evening of early spring, however, while with her friend Jenny, an obese girl, she is enjoying to skate on the still frozen Merrimack River, she doesn’t realize she has reached a point where the ice is breaking. In the fierce struggle that she engages against the power of the river waters that, with the beginning of the thaw are moving, Diana finds out that the too thin ice plate may not hold up. And below, after hearing a thud, Diana realizes that glides silently a human body, a corpse from which she could be sucked down to the river’s deep darkness. That’s the beginning of a real nightmare in which Diana will live during the months that remain until the departure from what she considered a quiet and peaceful American little town. Until the solution of the mystery, which will take place with a stunning end.
The events take place in a small town in the Northeast of the United States in 1965, when America was in the midst of the conflict in Vietnam. There are many descriptions of the places related to the amazing nature and to the complexity of American society. There is no lack of historical references.
Inside you’ll find the biography of Daniela Alibrandi, which was defined by Italian literary blogs the future Patricia Cornwell.

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