Silently in the morning thou fliest upward. E-book. Formato Mobipocket

Un ebook di  Enrica M. Corradini  edito da Narcissus Self Publishing, 2012

In an near future, humankind is waiting for the crash with the biggest asteroid ever hitting the Earth since the age of dinosaurs. So the most pressing problem for the eighteen year old Giorgio is a raging father and a weak mother who make his life a misery. The boy’s plan is thorough: to find a job, enabling him to be independent, letting him finish his education and go away from home. He can’t believe therefore that everything is running so smoothly when he is hired as dog sitter by the hospitable and peculiar Baldi family, two elderly ladies, Gina and Tina and her even older and weirder father. At the Baldi’s Giorgio will find the harmony he always lacked, he will learn the meaning of having a family and friends and he will experience funny and bizarre moments but also deep and meaningful for his personal growth. Unfortunately, the countdown remind the inescapable nearing of the asteroid. But will it really be a tragic end for humankind and Giorgio’s microcosm? Or will it be a brand new beginning?

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