One Day in Bergamo Alta: from Milan. E-book. Formato Mobipocket

Un ebook di  Massetti Enrico  edito da Massetti Enrico, 2018

Bergamo Alta is a gem of medieval architecture, that has been preserved to the present days. It is very easily reached from Milan with the train.

Piazza Vecchia is the symbol of the city of Bergamo. Built in 1300, it reaches its actual structure during the Venetian domination. On the southern side of the square faces the Palazzo della Ragione, which is the symbol of the Communal Age. On the right side the Civic Tower (XII-XV) rises, well known as Il Campanone, and here there is also the antique Domus Suardorum (XIV-XV), that now is the seat of the University of Bergamo.

This is a  guide to Bergamo Alta, the town near Milan with medieval historic monuments.

There are extensive descriptions and color photos of the attractions. There is also detailed info on the services available in the city.

It has listings of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants that are in the old city or within walking distance from the train station. 

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  • Titolo: One Day in Bergamo Alta: from Milan. E-book. Formato Mobipocket
  • AutoreMassetti Enrico
  • Editore: Massetti Enrico
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