Transfixion. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Mazzucato Francesca  edito da Simplicissimus, 2012

" A direct immersion, intense, at times almost violent in contemporary reality and its precarious condition .. the pain of writing and creation are intertwined with the pain of the body of the protagonist " Stefania Battistini, italian journalist, Il Giorno about Francesca Mazzucato " Mazzucato has taken a quantum jump...her writings takes a new shape, full-bodied, hearty. Able to name, without reticence or turns of phrase, often brutal and totally explicit. A plastic language that adheres to the contours of things, concrete and flat. A mature language. Without rhetoric. No games. No indulgences. A language full of awareness. " Fiorenza Aste, writer, critic The transfixion, that sorrow needed. In body and mind.I am planning to come. I remember last year and I write you an email. I am still ill. Your mark, forever, in every gesture, every decision, every thought, next to me during every trip. Nothing to do. Meeting you was a violent assault, an urgency.You're part of my most intimate memories.I feel your absence on the skin and inside, between the scapula and the heart.We know the dark side of a passion the indelible impression. Here is the old pain you touched, the "we" which was and still lives. Francesca Mazzucato, considered the most famous erotic-chic Italian author, explores with courage and a literary intense language the possibility of a narrative on contemporary intimacy renewing the traditional words of eroticism, surprising, and wrapping the reader offering a story "with no escape" Translated by the author.

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