Where artists dream. Via D'Azeglio and its very own Hotel Roma. A story that spans over a century. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Gabriele Cremonini e Cristiana Nalin  edito da Pendragon, 2010

For one hundred and thirty years the Hotel Roma has been a point of reference for those coming to Bologna who want to stay in the heart of the historic centre. The artists still come because they believe the Hotel brings them luck. Hundreds of famous personalities, from theatre, cinema, music, sport and politics, have dined, slept and, of course, dreamt here. This book contains stories and anecdotes that connect one of Bologna’s most elegant streets, Via D’Azeglio, with the history of the Hotel; to remember – but also reveal – many episodes linked to the city and its unwavering reputation for hospitality

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