Tanganica people. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Galante Giuseppe  edito da Liber Iter, 2012

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Does your sponsored child really exist? How can you be sure about it? go there to find out!This is a fascinating digital photo story of a trip to Burundi, made by G. Galante. The author sponsored an orphan girl over there, since 2004, through a Sardinian NGO called the “Gardeners of Sicomori” (They raise money for orphan children and then travel, at their own expenses, to Bujumbura, capital of Burundi).Here, they work together with the Xaverian Missionaries, who make sure that the money raised is turned into concrete actions: Food -first of all-, schools, health services, microcredit, safe water storage tanks. There is also a school that helps young people who live on the streets, teaching them vocational skills like sowing for the girls, carpentry and welding for the boys. The Xaverian Missionaries manage to feed about 3,000 children plus their local foster families. About 600 of these children and families are sponsored through the money raised by the Gardeners of Sicomori.You can live this adventure directly through the author’s photograph ! More, just watching these photos, you will find out in person how the child sponsorship programme works.For more information, see: www.volontarinas.org

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