How I cured my inguinal hernia. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Guglielmotti Gustavo  edito da Narcissus.me, 2013

There are only two things that need to be done: the first is to identify the best wrap to hold your hernia in, whatever type it may be (Scrotal / inguinal). Here you can find all the wrap systems that are in this book. The wraps can be used for both males and females.
A rigid cotton bandage (4 meters in length and 4.5 cm in width) - shown in the photo - was used for this type of wrap.
The second thing you have to do is make the exercises to shut the hernia: Standing Elbow Crunch, The bridge and the tip toes exercises.

Two ways for close the hernia:
Enhancing physical activity during the months with bands.
This group take a little more time to close the hernia but felt safer when removing.
Taking a break during the two months of the closure of hernia
This group managed to close the hernia some days before the other, but they are less secure than the first when they have to leave the bandages. Many of them have continued to use the bands during the first month of training.

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