Great Racing Drivers of the World. E-book. Formato Mobipocket

Un ebook di  Tanner Hans  edito da Edizioni Savine, 2012

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1958): Biographical sketches of 37 of the most famous Grand Prix and sports car racing drivers. Included are all of the old-time greats as well as those who have made names for themselves in the past few years.The author touches on each man's background, his temperaments and style, and then traces his racing career, detailing his most brilliant and exciting drives.There are, in addition, more than 80 superb photographs, most of them action shots of the drivers in Grand Prix events.Hans Tanner has known most of the men he writes about and has seen them race. He has managed the Swiss, Belgian, and Spanish national teams and some American teams. He has also managed individual drivers, among them Harry Schell and the Marquis de Portago. International correspondent for English, Swiss, and Argentine magazines, Tanner is also the author of Ferrari and Maserati in Action. He has even been the organizer for sports car races in Central America.

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