JoePuzzles-05english. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Kovach Joseph  edito da Simplicissimus, 2012

Puzzles Joe Puzzles-05english are puzzles in English language. Puzzles Joe Puzzles-05english offers the instruction and entertainment. This eBook has these parts: Chapter 1 - I. Great persons puzzles Chapter 2 - II. Numeric Roman puzzles Chapter 3 – III. Famous discoverers puzzles Chapter 4 - IV. Puzzles from ancient world Chapter 5 – V. Verbal puzzles Chapter 6 – VI. Signs od Zoodiac puzzles Chapter 7 – VII.Great composers puzzles Chapter 8 VIII. Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements puzzles Chapter 9 – IX. Phrases from another languages puzzles Chapter 10 – X. Great inventors puzzles

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