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The book "Why should we make more children?" by Piero Angela and Lorenzo Pinna was published in 2008. With this book today we are trying to give an answer to a question that might seem rhetorical, but it's not!
The plummeting birth rate was not strictly associated to the economic collapse because it wasn't still so obvious. It’s just the Time Factor that played the main role here, as never before. A few figures: the average number of births per woman in Italy was 1.40 in 2010 (being the ratio in replacement of couples equal to 2.1 children).
Workers and pensioners ratio: 24 elderly per 100 workers in the sixties, now it is 71 seniors on 100 employed, with an estimate for 2020 of 100 elderly people per 100 employed. The risk of this system is the decline of births resulting in substantial demographic changes.
Is it possible that optimising demographics would associate births to a positive economic performance? The crisis of the Finance might not the only cause, and we should research the reasons further back in time? We realised that economists and demographers had already warned to do so by monitoring the evolution of the system for decades, and that other countries, like France, Germany and Scandinavian countries especially) had already run for cover, investing on Welfare for the family. Is really a good thing that European population is aging more slowly, through a better quality of life? It is a scenery that is object of the envy by the other industrialized countries but that is also finding all the governments of the Eurozone unprepared. What kind of support should a Welfare system guarantee today? What are the benefits women can offer, today, to the labour market? How much money could the State save, if the number of hours spent in caring for the children and the elderlies, were to be considered working hours? Why and where the Italian Welfare system is wrong in marginalising women in the labour market? We should not forget that we stay at the 74th place among the industrialized countries, just behind Vietnam. The increase of life expectancy and the decline of births are deeply changing the economical picture of the whole world because they distort the dynamics of demographics and create uncertainty for the future.
There is one key word that can help us to exit both the economical and the demographic emergency and that is: Women! A concerted action between family and work is feasible and extremely necessary, because the State is like a large family: without a generation change, the State would collapse.

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  • Titolo: Woman saves the world. E-book. Formato EPUB
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