John Keats’s Landscapes: A Catalogue of Features. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Camaiora Luisa  edito da EDUCatt Università Cattolica, 2014

The landscape is a fundamental element of John Keats’s physical and poetic world. This study proposes a catalogue of landscape features in alphabetical order and examines their presence in his verse. The term landscape is here to be intended in its restrictive sense, that is, as the globality of facets associated with the land, so that aspects typical of the sea or of the sky have not been included - with the sole exception of the term “breeze” that has been retained to be, in Keats’s poetry, a feature more related to the land than to the air. The purpose of this examination is to document not only the meaning and signification of certain terms and their relative frequency in the poems of Keats, but also to analyze specifically his use of these terms, namely, their collocations with other words and expressions in his verse, their various occurrences and applications in different contexts, and the different uses and functions that the poet attributes to them. In particular, this catalogue of the presence and employment of these terms furnishes not only an indication of the particular physical landscapes that Keats privileged but more specifically provides information regarding the poet’s implementation of landscape features to convey and document his ideas regarding the connection and interaction of the external landscape with his mental landscape and in particular his concepts involving poetic inspiration and imaginative creativity. (Tratto dall'Introduzione dell'Autrice)

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