Chiromancy. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Lakon Malika Tai  edito da REI (Rifreddo), 2014

Chiromancy is the art of describing the personality and predict the fate of an individual through the study of the palm of his hand. Chiromancy, universally considered a pseudoscience, is divided into two main disciplines: palmistry, which deals with the study of the lines of the palm, and the chirognomia, which deals with the study of the shape of the hand. There are many different interpretations of the lines of the hand according to the different schools of chiromancy, fortune tellers often combine modern and traditional techniques of foresight with psychology, holistic medicine and other methods of divination. The shape of the hand: - Hand of Earth - Hand of Fire - Hand Air - Hand Water Hands and Planets: - Hand of Mars - Hand of Venus - Hand of Mercury - Hand of the Moon - Hand of the Sun - Hand of the Virgin - Hand of Libra - Hand of Pluto - Hand of Jupiter - Hand of Saturn - Hand of Uranus - Hand of Neptune. The Mounts: - The Mount of the Moon - The Mount of Mercury - The Mount of Apollo - The Mount of Saturn - The Mount of Jupiter - The Mount of Venus - The Plains of Mars - The Plains of Neptune. the Fingers: - The thumb - The index - The average - The ring - The little finger. Lines: - The Line of Life - The Line of Head - The Line of Heart - The Line of Destiny - The Line of Happiness - The Line of Intuition The Distinguishing features: - Cross - Star - Island - Squared - Triangle - Grid - Bar

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