Faceboss. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Poggi Marco  edito da youcanprint, 2013

  • € 0,99

The book’s main character is a thirty year old writer who still lives, unhappily, with his parents near Bologna. His troubled relationships with his family and artistic career going nowhere lead him to the world of social media. On Facebook he strikes up a friendship with a mobster under house arrest whom he calls "Mr Big" (drawing his inspiration from “Sex and the City” and the tormented love story between Carrie Bradshaw and John also known as Mr Big); deeply attracted to him and fascinated by his stories of violence and crime (many of which still unsolved), he projects his own repressed anger and frustration on it.Under the impression that they share the same sexual orientation and entirely won over by Mr Big’s personality, Marco decides to meet him in real life. One afternoon, he pays him a visit, but he's profoundly disappointed by what he sees: a southern man from Calabria sporting a long yellow pinkie nail and surrounded, not only by his beloved dogs, but also by a sordid bunch of characters. Mr Big seems to be a world apart from the man Marco met on Facebook and Skype. Nevertheless, a strange, unpredictable love story ensues.

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