Transparencies. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Ruscigno Maurizio  edito da Narcissus.me, 2014

Poets know how to listen to the voice of silence and to noises, to music and to the deafening rumble, and they know how to look at the small, tiny things and at the top of the snow-capped mountains... Everything they see and feel is expressed in pure, intense, authentic emotion and vibrates in the words that compound the harmony of poetry. All this can be noticed with admirable participation in Maurizio Ruscigno’s lyric. Brilliant interpreter of a time that fingers beads of days, careful observer of dawns and sunsets, of green hills and fearful stars, Ruscigno knows how to draw from the reality that surrounds him the vital sap of intense and significant verses. Poem after poem, reading through the pages of his book "Transparencies", we feel as if we were cradled by hopes and gloom, by dreams and tender expectations. He is the poet aware of anxieties and fears of our times, aware of violence and catastrophes, but above all he is the poet who catches the enchantment of a "drop", the sigh of the wind, the anxious message of a look, the delicacy of a voice that knows how to infuse courage. He is the poet who, for love, lets himself go to the desire of being sun ray, time, water, shadow, ghost, commander, and whose ultimate aim is the joy of his woman, her paradise where they can take flight with open wings... Original, he creates images of light, brushes up memories, polishes his verses like a "word’s goldsmith ", search his Ariadne’s thread labyrinth of conscience and knows that only love has "transparencies" of thoughts. He engraves on the pages of his heart the verses of eternity and infinity. Tina Piccolo Poet, founder of the international prize Città di Pomigliano d’ Arco

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