Diary of a seaman . E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Villanova Michele  edito da La Mesa Marco, 2014

Most of the times people have a wrong idea concerning the job related to the seamen, especially for those ones as in my case working on board of cruise ships. Usually we are pictured as people going around the world and having an adventurous life, but all of this does not correspond to the reality sometimes. The life on board was and is hard and sad, especially at the beginning. The only one I used to talk to every evening was my diary. I used to write two every contract. It was the only one I was opening my heart telling it all about me, without no secrecy or shame. I am not sure if I would repeat this experience of working on the ships in my life, if I had the chance to go back to the past. It is true that the ships have given me money, the chance to make investments, power and his career in the hotel business, but the price I paid is still very high. My personality has changed as well as my identity. I have been away for many years from my family and this is what I regret more. Presently I keep on working on board but now the contracts are much shorter, four months on board and two month holidays. Still few more years and I have planned to retire, trying to find a job ashore. Saying this I do not want discourage through this book people interested in undertaking the maritime career as I did , but I would like to emphasize the importance of the family only. The years I missed with my family cannot return back!

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