How to write science fiction. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Paul Di Filippo  edito da 40k books, 2013

How to write wild-eyed, overstuffed, multiplex, maximalist, recomplicated, high-bandwidth Science Fiction, or, “realize I don’t wanna be a miser/how come everybody wanna keep it like the Kaiser?”?Don’t expect this book to be a traditional “How To”. It’s a travel into the Science Fiction.?“Science fiction is the literature of ideas? Sure it is—on a tightly rationed basis! The truth is, most writers of science fiction and fantasy are naturally stingy. We tend to hoard ideas, like the dragon Smaug lying on his treasure. We parcel them out in dribs and drabs. One notion per story. Maybe two High Concepts per novel. Why do we do this?”?An essay by Paul Di Filippo

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  • Titolo: How to write science fiction. E-book. Formato EPUB
  • AutorePaul Di Filippo
  • Editore: 40k books
  • Data di Pubblicazione: 18 Febbraio '13
  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protezione: Filigrana digitale
  • Dimensione Kb: 333
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  • ISBN-13: 9788865860632