Sugared strawberries with whipped cream. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Leaci Piergiorgio  edito da Abel Books, 2012

“Sugared strawberries with whipped cream” it is a clear sexual reference. The story takes place entirely in Denmark in 1996. The protagonist, Wilem, twenty-one years, clipped hair, nonconformist, sometimes cynic, momentarily leaves Italy for an exchange of his own Faculty and moves to Aarhus, where he comes into contact with a new reality populated by unusual simple characters, who rather to conform to usual schemes, lead a stultifying existence full of alcohol, drugs and sex. Nightclubs, frightening drinking, become the common denominator of crazy experiences carried to the extreme, which make him aware of his own identity and dimension: liberty, women without inhibitions and friendship. It does not exist a practical or moral conclusion. It is breaking the rules because are dictated by the mass. It is a violent request for freedom, shouted tight-lipped and of which remains at the end only a strong sense of self-destruction and loneliness.

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