The pied piper of Hamelin. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Browning Robert  edito da Quondam Project, 2013

Mice. Millions of mice. The quiet town of Hamelin has become a hell since when it was overrun by them like by a river in flood. Fortunately, here is the savior: an eccentric piper who, for every living species, can play a driving and irresistible music. And so, following his bewitching notes, the mice will encounter their fate. But will the troubles really be over? Or is an even more dreadful scourge on the point of breaking over the quiet town of Hamelin?
A ballad-like fairy tale, in the classic version by Robert Browning, with brand new illustrations. An ancient and timeless story, to bear in mind that keeping promises is always a good idea.

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