Thrawn Janet. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Robert Louis Stevenson  edito da Faligi, 2011

In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Thrawn Janet the mysterious Reverend Murdoch Soulis has lived an experience that has changed him forever. His past is here narrated by an old drunkard, who after too many glasses has the courage to tell terrible facts. Janet McClour, suspected of being a witch who can bestow a curse by the malevolent gaze of her magical eye, was taken by the young reverend of the parish as a cleaning lady, despite the continuing complaints of the population. Janet was accused of being possessed, but the reverend did not care until one day there comes a black man in the country who frightens everybody. Reverend Soulis lived one of those experiences you never forget and from that day his life was never the same again…

Informazioni bibliografiche

  • Titolo: Thrawn Janet. E-book. Formato EPUB
  • AutoreRobert Louis Stevenson
  • Editore: Faligi
  • Data di Pubblicazione: 21 Aprile '11
  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protezione: Filigrana digitale
  • Dimensione Kb: 163
  • Anteprima: Permesso limitato a 20 Pagine
  • ISBN-13: 9788857412733