I heard it from a nightingale. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Bambarén Sergio  edito da Vanda Epublishing, 2014

  • € 3,99

This is a true story, told to the author by a little bird, a nightingale.Little Antonio grew up on the idyllic Huañape island, where his parents eloped, escape the confines of society. He spent his infancy and childhood feeding the countless birds, playing with the frolicking dolphins, and watching the sea lions roll on the golden sand.But on the day of his sixth birthday, his parents decide that Antonio must be enrolled in school. The time has come for them to return to society. It will then be up to Antonio to discover his true calling in life, and he does.Torn between nature and society, Antonio calls upon the teachings of nature, again and again, to guide him towards a life of authenticity and true happiness.

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