Love me. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Perugia Silvia  edito da Narcissus.me, 2014

[Translated from the Italian] “Love me”, a collection of poems celebrating emotions that are sometimes wounded and sometimes inflamed by a love that the world cannot see. It is part of the “Red” collection of poems which express the pain of living in a society which is now out of kilter with the moral principles of humanity. Silvia Perugia, born and brought up in Rome, creator of storylines for youngsters’ cartoon narratives, has contributed to “Il Giornalino” (published by San Paolo Edizioni) and “Tiramolla” (Vallardi Edizioni) as well as other contributions. “The Great White Shadow” was her first published work as author of a storyline for “Il Giornalino” (published by San Paolo Editrice). In her collection of poems called “Sand”, published by Arduino Sacco Editore, the author wanted to keep the name Gigliodagosto, by which she is known for her blogs including “L’incontro” (Meeting) where some of her stories and poems are published.

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