America is not Bush. E-book. Formato PDF

Un ebook di  Sulpasso Umberto  edito da Rusconi Libri, 2012

Obama Time is perhaps the first Web Story in literature. Pietro/Peter, the book’s main character/protagonist, is a Joycean Internet voyager, a Bloom with sax who not only indulges in intellectual odysseys, but also brings aboard reader-passengers on his voyage throughout American society, enabling them to hear their own sirens, if they wish, or enter Polyphemus’ cave, if they prefer. For Pietro/Peter is the symbol of the biggest revolution underway: the Internet. An army of Internet Girls and Internet Boys, in fact, supplies readers with digressions that only the biggest and perhaps the greatest revolution underway could encompass – the knowledge revolution. Promoted and fomented by the Internet, it is the revolution that is knocking down all the walls built over millennia, erected not only out of ignorance, but out of a desire to maintain a consolidated monopoly that guarantees to only a few Wealth, Power, and, above all, Social Status/Privileges; for those with knowledge are richer than those with money, and those without knowledge are forever condemned to being enslaved/slavery. Thanks to the Internet, today all of this is headed for destruction. The knowledge revolution, of American matrix, of which Obama is the perfect exponent, is completely in line with the great principles of liberty and democracy on which that nation was built. Furthermore, the knowledge revolution connects perfectly with other democratic revolutions promoted by the US: blue jeans, the washing machine, rock music and motion pictures. But of all these revolutions – and perhaps of all revolutions in general – it is infinitely bigger and more marvelous. And, of course, as with every respectable revolution, it rouses, from within it, the fiercest anti-revolutionaries, whose days, in the author’s opinion and unfortunately for them, are numbered. Obama, the first president elected thanks to the Internet, is the visible sign of this revolution of knowledge that will soon spread like wildfire over the earth. Moreover, the president’s battle for a better world asserts itself daily thanks to the Web. And Obama Time is the first Web Story because all readers can add, integrate and enrich the text with their own personal web contributions, transforming the book into a living organism in time, open to input from all net voyagers.

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  • Titolo: America is not Bush. E-book. Formato PDF
  • AutoreSulpasso Umberto
  • Editore: Rusconi Libri
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