Artisti Vari - Kay Rush Unlimited X

Un cd di  ARTISTI VARI  prodotto da Self, 2010

  • € 20,99

Artisti Vari - Kay Rush Unlimited X: --TRACKLIST-- CD one: 1. Harley&muscle “solid passion” 2. Kay suzuki feat. duchy “move on” original 3. Ananda project feat. terrance downs “hanging on” original album mix 4. Sundblad feat. thomas eby “to all my girls” rasmus faber suave remix 5. Dihann moore "let's keep our love alve" phil r. deep remix 6. Heather johnson “million miles” alix alvarez album remix 7. Rocco & c. robert walker “hard time for lovers” ralf gum remix 8. N’dinga gaba feat. sahffi “summer breeze” raw artistic soul remix 9. [re:jazz] feat. alice russell “gabrielle” kiko navarro main mix edit --- CD Two : 1. Ganga “autumn” linha boys remix 2. Quentin harris & denise henderson “wait” 3. Doug gray & gto "why does love" magnus wedberg remix 4. Angel-a & doc link "lifts me higher" jon cutler's distant music mix 5. Bstc feat. jl “love it” phil asher’s restless soul vocal mix 6. D-malice feat. rebecca knight “poison” scott wozniak remix 7. Rasmus faber & alf tumble feat. candi staton “wilder side” original mix 8. Phil asher & kai alce with kayenne “someone” vocal mix 9. Inaya day & ralf gum “lose my worries” ralf gum main mix 10. rasmus faber feat. dyanna fearon “everytime we” 11. knee deep feat. shena “mysterious” knee deep club mix 12. quentin harris & ultra nate’ “give it 2 u” 13. d-reflection feat. christa “wave of love” ananda project remix 14. tjcases pres. low deep t & j-key “love is the only gold” low deep t main mix 15. ananda project feat. heather johnson & terrance downs “kiss kiss kiss” feliciano classic vocal 16. danny clark & jay benham feat. andrea love “call it done” ralf gum disco attack mix 17. new mondo feat. morrisson “bring it back” haldo long trip vocal 18. nightrhymes feat. tasita d’mour “keep on pushing” justin michael remix 19. beaten soul & keith thompson “change (bring it)” souldynamic saxstrong mix 20. justin michael and dave mayer feat. maiya "lost in the music” nightrhymes remix 21. ricky rinaldi “surrender” house sellers remix

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