Carter Burwell - Twilight - The Score

Un cd di  ARTISTI VARI  prodotto da Warner Music, 2009

Carter Burwell - Twilight - The Score: --TRACKLIST:1. How Would I Die 2. Who Are They? 3. Treaty 4. Phascination Phase 5. Humans Are Predators Too 6. I Dreamt of Edward 7. I Know What You Are 8. The Most Dangerous Predator 9. The Skin of a Killer 10. The Lion Fell in Love with a Lamb 11. Complications 12. Dinner with His Family 13. I Would Be the Meal 14. Bella's Lullaby 15. Nomads 16. Stuck Here Like Mom 17. Bella Is Part of the Family 18. Tracking 19. In Place of Someone You Love 20. Showdown in the Ballet Studio 21. Edward at Her Bed

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