Un cd di  ARTISTI VARI  prodotto da SELF, 2010

KAY RUSH UNLIMITED VOLUME IX (2 CD): --TRACKLIST-- CD K: 1. CASSIO “I Love You” big logan’s main mix 2. HARLEY&MUSCLE feat. INDIA "Then Came You" main vocal khanzada's mix 3. SOUTH STREET PLAYER “(Who) Keeps Changing Your Mind” daniel bovie & roy rox remix 4. ATJAZZ feat. CLYDE "Please You" 5. LOFTSOUL feat. LISA MILLETT “Dear Friend” roe main mix 6. H-FOUNDATION feat. AION (KRISTA & NATHAN RICHARDS) “Tonight” king britt’s sexy mix 7. JAY J feat. MICHELLE SHAPROW "If I Wanted You" harley&musclekhanzada deep remix 8. JAY ‘SINISTER’ SÉALEE & LOUIE VEGA starring JULIE MCKNIGHT “Bittersweet Love Affair” 9. DANCE CULTURE & KENNY BOBIEN “Better” timmy regisford & adam rios mix 10. YASMEEN “Gone” wizard brian coxx original mix 11. TONE CONTROL feat. ADEOLA RANSON “Take Me Away” jose carretas vocal mix 12. FREEZERROOM “Weapon Of Choice” fish go deep remix 13. HALDO&MORRISSON “When We Get Up” new mondo mix 14. RASMUS FABER feat. EMILY MCEWAN “Any Way” original mix --- CD R: 1. PHYSICS feat. BIANCA HUTCHINSON “Hold On” scopes luxurious dub mix 2. GREYMATTER & HEIDI VOGEL “Believe In Something” sumsuch vocal remix 3. DENNIS FERRER “Hey Hey” df’s attention vocal mix 4. REEL PEOPLE feat. TONY MOMRELLE “Star” rasmus faber remix 5. SOULDYNAMIC feat. EMORY “On The Other Side” souldynamic deep mix 6. QUENTIN HARRIS & INAYA DAY “Do The Right Thing” extended mix 7. SILVER HAZE feat. JALYN “State Of Emergency” 8. JOHN DAHLBÄCK feat. ANDY P “Love Inside” classic mix 9. RASMUS FABER feat. LINDA SUNDBLAD “Everything Is Alright” original floor mix 10. REEBOT “Enjoy Music” 11. JUSTIN MICHAEL & PHONIC FUNK feat. MAIYA “My Destination” m-sol mix 12. DEEPCITYSOUL “Groove School” grant nelson mix 13. FRANKIE KNUCKLES & THE SHAPESHIFTERS “The Ones You Love” 14. ATFC “I Called U (The Conversation)” atfc heated conversation

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