Kay Rush: Unlimited XII

Un cd di  Artisti Vari  prodotto da Self, 2011

  • € 22,99

Kay Rush: Unlimited XII: --tracklist--Cdk: 1. Harley&muscle “depends on you” 2. Lulo cafe feat. nothende “i wanna love you” cecil’s rubdown feat. josh milan 3. Lovebirds feat. stee downes “want you in my soul” 4. Black coffee feat. thiwe “crazy” manoo & francois a. main mix 5. Matthew bandy feat. josh milan “wish” original 6. Rasmus faber, james grant & jaytech feat. clara mendes “cidade de moth” roth & van del mashup 7. Tarantulaz feat. tiffany lorén “i wasn’t kidding” the layabouts future retro vocal mix 8. Balage “how did we get to here” reelsoul mix 9. Dj romain feat. nedelka “love sanctified” harley&muscle deep mix 10. Donae'o “i” sean mccabe remix 11. E smoove feat. latanza waters “beautiful” original vibe mix 12. Imaani “found my light” the layabouts vocal mix 13. Ben westbeech “something for the weekend” joey negro z mix 14. Harley&muscle “stylish class” Cdr: 1. Dj micks feat. robin latimore “first to say goodbye” rocco deep remix 2. Robert owens “i’ll be your friend” dzeta n' basile remix 3. Kings of tomorrow feat. april “i need to love me” sandy rivera’s club mix 4. Josh milan “your body” louie vega eol mix 5. Silvia saragoza feat. dawn tallman “magical” dj bee meets sandecki sax remix 6. Frankie j “gonna give it to ya” original mix 7. Groove assassin & pete simpson “gotta make it right” jonny montana & craig stewart remix 8. Djn project feat. nina b “tip it up” original 9. Random soul “hypnotize me” random soul classic mix 10. The demetrios project “feel alive” sean mccabe 2011 mix 11. Human life “in it together” director's cut signature togetherness 12. Redsoul feat. carla prather “save me” sean mccabe remix 13. Hippie torrales “if you need a man” original mix 14. Sandy rivera & yasmeen “love”

Dettagli del prodotto

  • Titolo: Kay Rush: Unlimited XII
  • Interprete:  Artisti Vari
  • Produttore: Self
  • Data di Pubblicazione: 11 Ottobre '11
  • Genere: Varia
  • EAN-13: 8019991008997