Un cd di  BEATLES  prodotto da Emi, 2013

LOVE: TRACKLIST: 1. Because 2. Get back 3. Glass onion 4. Eleanor rigby Julia (Transition) 5. I am the walrus 6. I want to hold your hand 7. Drive my car/The word/What you're doing 8. Gnik nus 9. Something Blue jay way (Transition) 10. Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite!/I want you (She's so heavy)/Helter skelter 11. Help! 12. Blackbird/Yesterday 13. Strawberry fields forever 14. Within you without you/Tomorrow never knows 15. Lucy in the sky with diamonds 16. Octopus's garden 17. Lady Madonna 18. Here comes the sun The inner light (Transition) 19. Come together/Dear Prudence Cry baby cry (Transition) 20. Revolution 21. Back in the U.s.s.r. 22. While my guitar gently weeps 23. A day in the life 24. Hey Jude 25. Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band (Reprise) 26. All you need is love

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