The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge of Town Story (3 BluRay + 3 CD)

Un cd di  Bruce Springsteen  prodotto da Sony, 2010

The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge of Town Story (3 BluRay + 3 CD): --TRACKLIST--Disco 1: 1.Badlands 2.Adam Raised A Cain 3.Something In The Night 4.Candy's Room 5.Racing In The Street 6.The Promised Land 7.Factory 8.Streets Of Fire 9.Prove It All Night 10.Darkness On The Edge Of Town --- Disco 2: 1.Racing In The Street 2.Gotta Get That Feeling 3.Outside Looking In 4.Someday (We'll Be Together) 5.One Way Street 6.Because The Night 7.Wrong Side Of The Street 8.The Brokenhearted 9.Rendezvous 10.Candy's Boy --- Disco 3 1.Save My Love 2.Ain't Good Enough For You 3.Fire 4.Spanish Eyes 5.It's A Shame 6.Come On (Let's Go Tonight) 7.Talk To Me 8.The Little Things (My Baby Does) 9.Breakaway 10.The Promise 11.City Of Night --- Disco 4: 1.A Commitment To Life 2.Two Clouds 3.The Sound Picture 4.The Process 5.Notebook 6.Pop Songs 7.Studio Opinions 8.Adult Music 9.Making An Album 10.Vision Of Now 11.Sense Of Possibilities 12.Credits 13.A Commitment To Life 14.Two Clouds 15.The Sound Picture 16.The Process 17.Notebook 18.Pop Songs 19.Studio Opinions 20.Adult Music 21.Making An Album 22.Vision Of Now 23.Sense Of Possibilities 24.Credits --- Disco 5: 1.Opening 2.Badlands 3.Adam Raised A Cain 4.Something In The Night 5.Candy's Room 6.Racing In The Street 7.The Promised Land 8.Factory 9.Streets Of Fire 10.Prove It All Night 11.Darkness On The Edge Of Town 12.Credits 13.Opening 14.Badlands 15.Adam Raised A Cain 16.Something In The Night 17.Candy's Room 18.Racing In The Street 19.The Promised Land 20.Factory 21.Streets Of Fire 22.Prove It All Night 23.Darkness On The Edge Of Town 24.Credits 25.Opening 26.Save My Love (Holmdel, NJ 76) 27.Candy's Boy (Holmdel, NJ 76) 28.Something In The Night (Red Bank, NJ 76) 29.Don't Look Back (NYC, 78) 30.Ain't Good Enough For You (NYC, 78) 31.The Promise (NYC, 78) 32.Candy's Room Demo (NYC, 78) 33.Badlands (Phoenix, 78) 34.The Promised Land (Phoenix, 78) 35.Prove It All Night (Phoenix, 78) 36.Born To Run (Phoenix, 78) 37.Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (Phoenix, 78) 38.Credits 39.The Promise (NYC, 78) 40.Badlands (Phoenix, 78) 41.The Promised Land (Phoenix, 78) 42.Prove It All Night (Phoenix, 78) 43.Born To Run (Phoenix, 78) 44.Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (Phoenix, 78) 45.Credits --- Disco 6: 1.Badlands 2.Streets Of Fire 3.It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City 4.Darkness On The Edge Of Town 5.Spirit In The Night 6.Independence Day 7.The Promised Land 8.Prove It All Night 9.Racing In The Street 10.Thunder Road 11.Jungleland 12.The Ties That Bind 13.Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 14.The Fever 15.Fire 16.Candy's Room 17.Because The Night 18.Point Blank 19.She's The One 20.Backstreets 21.Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 22.Born To Run 23.Detroit Medley 24.Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 25.You Can't Sit Down 26.Quarter To Three 27.Credits

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