The Astonishing (2 Cd)

Un cd di  Dream Theater  prodotto da Roadrunner, 2016

The Astonishing (2 Cd): DISC 1: Descent of the Nomacs Dystopian Overture The Gift of Music The Answer A Better Life Lord Nafaryus A Savior in the Square When Your Time Has Come Act of Faythe Three Days The Hovering Sojourn Brother, Can You Hear Me? A Life Left Behind Ravenskill Chosen A Tempting Offer Digital Discord The X Aspect A New Beginning The Road to Revolution --- DISC 2: 2285 Entr'acte Moment of Betrayal Heaven's Cove Begin Again The Path That Divides Machine Chatters The Walking Shadow My Last Farewell Losing Faythe Whispers On the Wind Hymn of a Thousand Voices Our New World Power Down Astonishing

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