Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt

Un cd di  GYM CLASS HEROES  prodotto da Warner Music, 2008

Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt: The Quilt è il quarto album in studio dei Gym Class Heroes. La band ha ingaggiato nel nuovo album artisti di calibro internazionale tra cui Busta Rhymes, Estelle, Dary Hall, Patty Crash e The-Dream --TRACKLIST: 1. Guilty as Charged 2. Drnk Txt Rmeo 3. Peace Sign / Index Down 4. Like Father, Like Son (Papa's Song) 5. Blinded by the Sun 6. Catch Me if You Can 7. Cookie Jar 8. Live a Little 9. Don't Tell Me it's Over 10. Live Forever (Fly with Me) 11. Kissin' Ears 12. Home 13. No Place to Run 14. Coming Clean

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