Pharrell - In My Mind

Un cd di  PHARRELL  prodotto da Emi, 2012

Pharrell - In My Mind: 1. Can I Have it Like That (feat. Gwen Stefani) 2. How Does it Feel? 3. Raspy Shit 4. Best Friend 5. You Can Do it Too 6. Keep it Playa (feat. Slim Thung) 7. That Girl (feat. Snoop Dogg) 8. Angel 9. Young Girl/I Really Like You (feat. Jay Z) 10. Dim the Lights 11. Stay with Me (feat. Pusha T) 12. Baby (feat. Nelly) 13. Our Father 14. Number 1 (feat. Kanye West) 15. Skateboard P Presents Show You How to Hustle (feat. Lauren)

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