Un cd di  VELVET UNDERGROUND  prodotto da UNIVERSAL, 2005

GOLD (2CD): * Disco 1 o I'm Waiting For The Man o Femme Fatale o Venus In Furs o Run Run Run o All Tomorrow's Parties o Heroin o There She Goes Again o I'll Be Your Mirror o Sunday Morning o Chelsea Girls (Performed By Nico) o It Was A Pleasure Then (Performed By Nico) o White Light/ White Heat o I Heard Her Call My Name o Sister Ray * Disco 2 o Temptation Inside Your Heart o Stephanie Says o Hey Mr. Rain (Version One) o Candy Says o What Goes On o Some Kinda Love o Pale Blue Eyes o Beginning To See The Light o Foggy Notion o I Can't Stand It o One Of These Days o Lisa Says o New Age (Live) o Rock And Roll (Live) o Ocean (Live) o Sweet Jane (Live)

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