The yellow room. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Anonymous  edito da Scrivere Edizioni, 2012

In "The Yellow Room" Alice begins a new life with her aunt, her legal guardian. Far from the prudish ways of her aunt, Alice finds that her new baronial setting is accompanied by the most intrusive training and severe corporal punishment.

"The Yellow Room" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1891. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.

“Yes, I will, my dear. I will warm your bottom for you as well as any girl ever had her bottom warmed. I will set it on fire for you. You will curse the moment you were disobedient. I will cure you of disobedience and all your silly nonsense. Come along to the table. There, stand at that end” – Alice began to sob – “put the cushion before you, so. Now lie over it, right down on the table. No resistance.” As he fixed the strap round her shoulders, she made a slight attempt at remonstrance. The strap went round her and the table, and once it was buckled she could not, of course, get up. He then buckled on two wristlets, and with two other straps fastened her wrists to the right and left legs of the table; then another broad strap was put round the table and the small of her back. This was pretty tight, as were also those that fastened her at the knees and ankles. Her legs were wide apart, fixed to the legs of the table. She was spread-eagled, and her bottom, the tender skin between its cheeks, her cunt, and her legs were most completely exposed.

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