Pauline, the Prima Donna. E-book. Formato EPUB

Un ebook di  Schröder Wilhelmine Devrient  edito da Scrivere Edizioni, 2012

"Pauline, the Prima Donna" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1898. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.

"Pauline, the Prima Donna" is the apocryphal memoirs of the german soprano Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient.
After her death a volume entitled "Aus den Memoiren einer Saengerin", purporting to be her erotic memoirs, was published in Germany in 1868. In part it is a plausible account of her sex life, though various discrepancies with known facts have led many to doubt its complete veracity. Many erotic adventures contained in the volume, however seem to descend into complete sexual fantasy. These include the authoress indulging in erotic extravagances, before she had reached the age of 27. Whether true or not, this work is Germany's most famous work of erotic literature, many times reprinted sincce 1898.

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